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Samstag, 25. Juni 2016, 01:44

Errors with Map Editor

Hi, I'm playing P3, installed from the Ascaron original disk, with the patch x11bBeta and the v1.1b Resolution pack.

I've created a custom map. Using the brasiliero tool, I added some trade items and removed others beyond what was normally required, and I added/removed and changed some cities to/from Hanseatic towns, trading offices, trading stations. The game was working great - except Stockholm (my home town) lost the button in the tavern to hire more sailors after I tapped it out of sailors - the button disappeared and never came back. I then noticed (in 1407) that (I started the game in 1400) there hasn't been an alderman election nor Hanse League meeting since 1402 (nothing happens - no council meeting, the Alderman hasn't changed, and no ability to vote on the designated election day.)

What created the errors? the trade items I manipulated, or the changing of the cities' designation, or is it that the brasiliero tool does unpredictable things to the game? And is there anything I can do to fix it? If I start a new game with the same map then I'm afraid the errors will happen again.

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