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Dienstag, 20. April 2010, 23:12

All titles except Patrician I lacked immersion

All patrician titles paled in comparison when compared to first
patrician because of immersion :

in patrician 1, scenes were depicted from first person point of view,
therefore taking you into an immersion which made you think you were
actually in front of the ship in the port, in your office, or in your
warehose after a while.

from patrician 2 and on, the silly 'cute miniatures' was adopted. However,
patrician was not sims. and therefore the appeal of the game was much
less in regard to immersion for its target audience.

I implore deve team to refrain from going that 'cute tiny miniatures'
route again. it really throws off the realism, and cant reflect the
historical flavor of the game.

One would dare say that it would even be better if patrician 4 went with 2d handpainted screens, and instead spared all the effort for gameplay,
but in this time and age, this may be inadvisable.

Instead, patrician 4 can go the Guild 2 route, and create limited 3d rendered environments for the trader to immerse in, greatly boosting the

by the way, is this the right place to discuss this ? there are many forums here, but i couldnt find english patrician 4 forum

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Mittwoch, 21. April 2010, 01:00


I still love and prefer "2D" of Patrician III (eng) and "2.5D" of Railroad Tycoon 2 .. Both games are still very playable todays, with *very good concepts* of ten years ago, because Concepts refuses to die.. and always more important in this niche of Game productions.. I may add to the list SimCity 4+Rush Hour expansion too..

Especially the catastrophal transfer of RRT 2 to its 3. sequel, is spectacular (!).. Instead of vivid and living elements+props of RRT2, at RRT 3 they used a full 3D and all cities looked dark, static and pessimistic.. Smoke generators were not sufficient to restore the make-up.. Perhaps because of 3D environment, an editor for RRT 3 plagued so many bugs as texture covering problems on exact coordinates.. Good example of reducing a good concept to ashes.. I think the same engine (Oxygene?) was later used in Big Oil.. Another good concept laid to rest..

As an "old dog" and enthusiastic Patrician III (eng) player, I am actually very comfortable with this Game..

Pat 4 will be another game for me, than a sequel; because of this 3D decision...I wish and hope this "New Game" will establish a successful base, either in gameplay and gamers basis..

PS: I really wished to know the number of selling copies of Victoria (Victoria II @ Autumn 2010) and Hearts of Iron III... If they selling bad, then I wish to heartedly thank to Paradox Interactive.
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